The RESX Manager 2.0

- Manage all text labels in your .NET applications online!

It's free. Download here...

Why use the RESX Manager

An application or website has on average more than 2500 text strings when you count all buttons, alert boxes, drop-down menu options and other controls. This is expensive and time consuming for programmers to maintain and support.   The RESX Manager automate editing and organization of .NET controls via a simple web interface. It moves the text string handling away from the programmer and gives Webmasters full control!   There is no database installation required and no change made to the .NET architecture itself. It just enables the following online features:   - Full text and language handling - Spellcheck + Auto translation - Auto backup and restore functionality - Merge and deployment tools (Visual Studio) See a full list of features here - or download a free version today...


Register and download the free RESX Manager for non-commercial use.


The software is currently available for either your custom developed .NET project (3.5,4.0) or for Umbraco (4.x).


For non-commercial use the RESX Manager is free.


For commercial use a license is required. A license enables you to use the RESX Manager in any number of projects relating directly to your business. The license cost is USD $300 and includes all upgrades to the same version of the software.


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