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By Administrator   |   5 years 4 months ago
How do I easiest ensure that all labels are included in the RESX Manager?
By default, all labels are included in the RESX Manager. You can hide some labels by unchecking checkboxes in the "Display for editing" column in File Management -> Label Display section of RESX Manager.
By Jeppe   |   5 years 4 months ago
Is it possible to setup RESX Manager in a load balanced environment, and how does it work?
The RESX Manager is file based and therefore you can just set up a job to copy the physical files between servers in a load balanced enviroment.


For non-commercial use the RESX Manager is free.


For commercial use a license is required. A license enables you to use the RESX Manager in any number of projects relating directly to your business. The license cost is USD $300 and includes all upgrades to the same version of the software.


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Register and download the free RESX Manager for non-commercial use.


The software is currently available for either your custom developed .NET project (3.5,4.0) or for Umbraco (4.x).