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Installation (3)

By Lion   |   4 years 10 months ago
Hello, in my project, when Build, the VS returns this error:
Can not create the type 'jquery.spellchecker.JQuerySpellCheckerHandler'. C:\Proyectos\RIMA\Rima WebSite\Rima Web\Handlers\RESXManager\JQuerySpellCheckerHandler.ashx

I need the dll jquery.spellchecker.JQuerySpellCheckerHandler
Code for jquery.spellchecker.JQuerySpellCheckerHandler is already included in RESXManager.Presentation.dll or RESXManager.Presentation.PureNet.dll.
You only need to copy to \bin folder or "Add Reference..." in your project to all dlls, which are shipped with the RESXManager installation packages.
By Administrator   |   5 years 2 months ago
I installed RESX Manager in site under .NET Framework 4 but it doesn't seem to work. In what may be the reason?
If you are using .NET Framework 4 you need to make some changes in web.config file on your site to work with RESX Manager correct:

      <pages clientIDMode="AutoID" />
      <httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" />
By Administrator   |   5 years 4 months ago
How do I setup languages to work with RESX Manager?
Before starting work you must set the default language for RESX Manager.
This can be done in the file %SITE_ROOT%\config\RESXManager.config for the key "Main.InvariantCulture" you need to install a culture which is used by you for the resx file without culture (eg, Something.ascx.resx).
By default this culture is "en-US". The culture name must be in the format "languagecode2-country/regioncode2", where languagecode2 is a lowercase two-letter code derived from ISO 639-1 and country/regioncode2 is an uppercase two-letter code derived from ISO 3166(for example, en-US for English(USA) or da-DK for Danish(Denmark)). You can see the list of culture names on National Language Support (NLS) API Reference

<setting key="Main.InvariantCulture" value="en-US" />

If you have resx files with a certain culture(for example, Something.ascx.da-DK.resx) before you install RESX Manager you have to add this culture in the file %SITE_ROOT%\config\RESXManager.config for the key "Main.Languages" in the format described above separated with comma(",").

<setting key="Main.Languages" value="da-DK,ru-RU" />
(if you have files like Something.ascx.da-DK.resx and before intallation RESX Manager)


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